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Personalized Baby Bibs
***Information, Postage, Mail Timing***


September 23, 2021 Update

Personalized baby bibs are made from polyester/cotton or all cotton fabrics with a polyester lining for absorbency and are machine washable and dryable.  All bibs are custom made by me one at a time.  

**All bib/mask/bandana orders are taking at least 4 weeks to make and then mail from receipt of payment due to circumstances beyond my control.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during a difficult time for our family.**

Face mask timing can vary from a few days to longer time frames depending on orders received. I can advise once an order is placed when you can expect receipt.


If a bib is needed by a particular date, please be sure to let me know at the time of the order, so I can do my best to get it to you in time. You may contact me by phone or email to ensure timely delivery at 201-874-5700.  Bibs are now offered in over 500 fabrics!  All bib sizes may be ordered in any fabric listed on this website, with the exception of the fabrics shown on the 10" bibs page, as the size of those prints are too large to be made as a smaller bib.


Names are appliqued in lower case letters in a color complimenting the bib fabric.  They are available in more than 450 fabrics. As you browse through the catalogs, you'll see all the bib fabrics available.

Pricing for bib with baby's first name only:

8" round - $10.50

10" round - $11.50

10" x 12" rectangular - $16.00

11" x 14" rectangular - $18.00

Bandanas are also available for $9.50 each.

Bibs are created to order with the name or wording of your choice.  Names like Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria, Cassandra, Kristopher, Christopher, Jacqueline, Madeline, Samantha, Stephanie, etc. need to be appliqued on the 10" round or larger bibs. 

If a second name is provided, it will be appliqued on a second line for an additional charge of $7.  Second names can usually just be added to the 10" or larger bibs. In some instances, if the names are short, both will fit on the 8" round size.

Thank you!